Program Services

Relapse Prevention Program

This program is for alcoholics/drug addicts who understand they are addicted and have an internal desire to stay sober. People who have experienced relapse or are in high risk professions are appropriate participants for this program. This process is a combination of advanced relapse prevention techniques and psychotherapy designed to identify and treat the issues that disrupt recovery. (Consisting of a weekly two-hour group as well as bimonthly individual sessions.)


Individual Counseling Sessions

This service is available to recovering alcoholics/drug addicts AND their family members. This therapy is for longer term recovering people (alcoholics, drug addicts, co-dependents) who want to focus on self-defeating behavior patterns, unresolved family of origin issues and/or core issues that keep them from experiencing the joy of life in recovery.

Early Recovery Group

This program is beneficial for alcoholics/drug addicts needing to focus on early recovery tasks. Providing both the education and support necessary to help them achieve “comfortable sobriety”. Managing high risk situations and triggers, in addition to other basic relapse prevention techniques will be the focus.


Insight Group

This program is for people who want to stop drinking or using drugs but still believe they are able to control some aspect of their alcohol/drug use or just want to stop on their own. This process is designed to explore the participants relationship with alcohol/drugs as well as deliver information about early recovery. Family members, employers or governing professional’s boards are often the primary motivation to engage in counseling.